Client Profile

As blogs first emerged as an exciting new communications vehicle, CooperKatz devised a strategy to connect WeatherBug, the online weather service, with the many conversations about weather-related issues happening all over the Web. 

CooperKatz encouraged the company to fully jump into the new medium by blogging several major weather events like tornadoes and hurricanes, thereby spotlighting the passionate personalities behind its service and conveying the great lengths they go to cover weather events.

Working closely with the company’s meteorological and marketing teams, we built, launched and promoted a series of ‘event blogs’ written by WeatherBug staffers and tied to pivotal weather events. In each case, we also conducted traditional media outreach. However, the goal was to generate significant inbound blog links and online buzz.

The first blog – the WeatherBug Groundhog Blog – chronicled two WeatherBug meteorologists as they journeyed to Punxsutawney, PA, the center of attention on Groundhog Day. This event was followed by the WeatherBug Storm Chase blog, which posted reports from a team of meteorologists who embarked on a tornado-chasing trip around the Midwest. An especially appealing aspect of this initiative was participation by a fifth grade elementary school teacher from Marathon, NY, who was selected after a nationwide search for educators who were involved in WeatherBug’s academic weather program.

This first phase of the WeatherBug blog program generated 111 in-bound links; 993 user comments; newspaper articles and radio interviews; and more than 547 million WeatherBug page views during the blogging periods.