Client Profile

CooperKatz helped Carrier Corporation gain broad international awareness of both the 100th and 110th anniversaries of the invention of modern air conditioning by the company’s founder, Willis H. Carrier. 


Though Dr. Carrier’s invention changed the world in dramatic ways, public acknowledgement of his discovery was minimal. To rectify the problem, CooperKatz developed a three-pronged public relations program to celebrate the invention’s 100th anniversary in 2003.

The campaign started with a fun “father of cool” website promotion that positioned Dr. Carrier as the ultimate “cool dad” on Father’s Day. Pre-publicity built over several weeks with feature stories in magazines and newspapers, including Reader’s Digest, USA Weekend, Newsday and dozens of local market papers.

Then on anniversary day, July 17, the floodgates opened with hits on “Good Morning America,” “CBS Early Show,” “FOX & Friends,” “CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood,” “ABC Nightly News” and hundreds of local TV stations across the nation. David Letterman did an air conditioning “Top Ten,” and Reuters and CNN International fed the story around the globe.

In Brooklyn, where Dr. Carrier first applied his invention, CooperKatz worked with the New York City Board of Education to create a special tribute: The Willis H. Carrier Academy at Grady High School. The Academy was introduced to parents, students, government leaders and the media at a dedication ceremony featuring Schools Chancellor Harold O. Levy and an ice-sculptured portrait of Willis Carrier. In total the 100th anniversary campaign generated over a half billion audience impressions.


In 2013, Carrier once again came to CooperKatz for help publicizing the 110th anniversary of this invention. We built on the successes of ten year’s prior – securing more than 100 print, broadcast and online mentions of the occasion, including in The New York Times, Popular Mechanics, The Huffington Post and CBS “This Morning.”