Client Profile

CooperKatz helped conceive, plan, design and execute an eight-day consumer exposition at the New York Coliseum combining traditional and complementary / alternative medicine. 

In addition to working with sponsors to develop their exhibits and maximize their participation, CooperKatz managed Panasonic’s Discovery Stage, where a different ‘HealthExpert on the Hour’ appeared daily from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Many health and fitness authorities, medical doctors and complementary medicine specialists participated, including Dr. Richard Atkins, Dr. Andrew Weil and Olympic Gold Medalist Dan O’Brien.

CooperKatz’ responsibilities included recruitment and booking of all scheduled speakers and coordination of on-site arrangements and audiovisual needs. Other duties included writing all speaker introductions, preparing the professional emcee for interaction with guests on-stage and developing Q&As to follow each presentation. CooperKatz also staged a series of special events throughout the exposition, including a version of the television show ‘Ready, Set, Cook.’