Client Profile, the award-winning, unbiased online source for thousands of topics, engaged CooperKatz to increase brand awareness, brand loyalty and direct navigation to the site in September of 2009.


Rich with high-quality, exclusive content, had achieved remarkable success in its 11 years in business. However, CooperKatz saw that opportunities existed to boost communication efforts. We developed a public relations campaign designed to position the site as the Internet’s premier destination for information on thousands of topics by leveraging its extensive existing content – the site’s most significant asset.


Utilizing the more than 40,000 comprehensive articles on, and positioning the site’s founder, Marshall Brain, and other key editors and executives as knowledgeable spokespeople, we began by pitching content that complemented breaking news, pop-culture events, holiday coverage and social trends, as well as stories on evergreen topics.


As an example, CooperKatz and created a compelling story angle by connecting the recessionary conditions with Halloween 2009.  Comparing data for 2008 and 2009, we announced a doubling of searches by people looking to create homemade costumes and placed a story in USA Today that included an interview with Conal Byrne, editor-in-chief of  The Minneapolis Star Tribune, ABC Phoenix, and The Baltimore Sun also covered the news.