Client Profile

CooperKatz helped Mycroft, Inc. launch XSpectra, a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution for small and emerging businesses.

As established company with an experienced founder and CEO, Mycroft tasked CooperKatz to quickly generate press coverage for XSpectra within an accelerated ramp-up period. Launching a highly technical, business-to-business product in an emerging but already crowded space required a fresh strategy.

CooperKatz quickly developed a deep understanding of the IAM market and delivered immediate results within technology and security media, as well as strategically selected industry verticals such as healthcare, law and finance. By expanding focus into these vertical industries, CooperKatz was able to generate more coverage in publications read by key audience targets such as small business owners.

A wide range of outlets covered the launch of the product, including InfoWorld, Network World, eWeek, Electronic Health Reporter, Health Thought Leaders One-to-One, Credit Union Times, CMSWire and others. In addition, CooperKatz uncovered nine contributed content opportunities – all within the compressed timeframe.