Client Profile

As part of an integrated marketing campaign, Polar, the leader in heart rate monitoring and fitness assessment technologies, tasked agency-of-record CooperKatz with launching and maintaining a YouTube brand channel.  

CooperKatz wrote, produced and edited a series of five product and software videos for the channel that in a few short months were viewed more than 11,000 times. Polar videos – universally well received for ‘putting a face to the company’ and helping to simplify product set-up and user information for consumers – have also gone viral, cross-posted on a number of mainstream media and fitness enthusiast blogs. CooperKatz is increasing video production to include a series of ‘how to’ and ‘why train with heart rate’ vignettes that will complement the overall user experience.

Beyond this video initiative, outreach to/through social media channels is a critical part of our holistic communications program for Polar. We routinely work with high-traffic bloggers focused on fitness, ‘gear’/electronics and lifestyle to conduct Polar product reviews, share insights on the benefits of heart rate training and ensure that the experts at Polar are a resource for them and their readers.