Client Profile

For four years, CooperKatz provided marketing / PR support for the Common Language® Products division of Telcordia Technologies. 

Common Language Products were sophisticated code sets identifying all elements of a telecommunications network to facilitate interoperability. The Bell Telephone system, Telcordia’s predecessor, originally created these codes; however, as the telecom space exploded with new competitors, the company needed to proactively market Common Language products to a huge array of industry participants.


CooperKatz began its relationship with Telcordia by facilitating a process that led to a compelling positioning / value proposition: “Common Language® products… we make your netWork.” Under this theme, we built an integrated marketing campaign that included bylined articles, case histories, industry trade press coverage, a customer testimonial CD-ROM, customer meetings and website communications. We also developed a consistent design for all marketing literature, from press kit covers to product brochures.