Client Profile

In 2005, when the momentum behind blogging as a new communications platform was just beginning, CooperKatz developed an innovative idea for client Piaggio – the Italian manufacturer of the iconic Vespa® motor scooter.  

Tapping into the enormous passion for the Vespa brand that exists within the U.S. scooter community, CooperKatz conceived and launched two blogs co-authored by real Vespa riders: Vespaway and Vespaquest. 

Each blog was authored by two individuals interested in sharing their thoughts and experiences of being a scooter rider in the U.S.  The overarching goal was to foster a more direct dialogue with the scooter-riding community – while also allowing those who were most passionate about the brand to directly speak both about it and for it. 

CooperKatz was involved in all aspects of the strategy, planning and execution of the project – from conceiving the initial approach, to managing the ‘call for bloggers,’ to develop mutually agreeable ‘rules of the road,’ to handling the design and development of the blog themselves.