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17 Things We Love About CK

May 01, 2013, 4:30pm posted by  |  1 comments

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Every CooperKatz team member is different, but there’s one thing we all agree on: CooperKatz is a great place to work.  And we can think of a number of reasons why!  So to celebrate our 17th anniversary this May, here is a selection of 17 elements of both our culture and client work that make us smile – and make us happy to call 205 Lex our home away from home. 

For all current and former clients, employees, partners and other “friends of the CK family”…please feel free to use the Comments space below to share anything you’d add to our list!

  1.  We still have our very first client, the Association of National Advertisers
  2. We really do value the work / life balance
  3. We often gather to eat lunch together
  4. Over 40 percent of our total staff have been with the agency more than five years
  5. Our clients cover a broad range of compelling industries (helps us to hone our chops as Renaissance people!)
  6. Every summer, we gather at our founder’s house for a picnic – and we bring along all of our families / significant others
  7. We’re really fond of – and good at – making up words (Vespanomics, Smallbizdom, Thin-sourcing…)
  8. Ralph Katz takes every one of us out to lunch each year on our anniversary date (we choose the place - and he pays!)
  9. We have communal Snuggies in our office closet
  10. At our holiday parties, every team member leaves with a special gift, customized and presented to them (we’ve had instruments, hats, customized bottles of wine, toy cars, caricatures, and more!)
  11. We have: 
  • conceived the idea of lowering Sir Richard Branson into Times Square on a giant phone, to mark the U.S. launch of Virgin Mobile
  • shut down part of midtown Manhattan for a “Vesparade” – a parade of new and vintage Vespa motorscooters
  • gathered more than 250 print and 30 broadcast media to attend and cover a 5,000 person Town Hall meeting following 9/11, focused on “Listening to the City”
  • found homes for more than 17 million adoptable pets in the U.S., through our work with
  1. They like us enough to put all of our faces – and our thoughts – on our company website
  2. We’re dedicated to every CK person’s professional – and personal – growth
  3. We commit to having every team member take one day a year to volunteer and give back, as well as hold an annual Skip Lunch, Fight Hunger day and support several select pro bono projects
  4. Our Thought Bubble space is great for brainstorms and meetings but also houses a treadmill, popcorn machine and air hockey
  5. Every employee is free to take on the most significant role they can handle – even interns. We have two managers who began their careers right here at CK!
  6. The principles on which CooperKatz was founded 17 years ago are still very much present in our hallways and our hearts


Rachael Adler on May 01, 2013, 9:44pm
This list completely epitomizes why I have been at CK for 10 years! Couldn't be happier to celebrate our 17th Anniversary

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