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5 Questions with Account Coordinator, Brittany Hoops

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5 Questions with Account Coordinator, Brittany Hoops

We’re looking for new Account Coordinators to join our team! Read on to find out more about the position and what it’s really like to work here from AC Brittany Hoops.

1. What is your favorite thing about being an Account Coordinator at CooperKatz?

In college, I was told that it would be years before I wrote press releases and pitched media, but that's not the case at CooperKatz. As an AC at CK, all my ideas and opinions are respected. I'm a valued member of the team and in my first year, I've been given the responsibility to write, pitch, and communicate with our clients. 

2. This is your first job out of college. Can you describe what it’s been like to start and continue your career here? In other words, how has working here helped you become a rockstar AC?

Transitioning from college to career isn’t easy. Having my teammates’ support as I take on new tasks and initiatives has been key to my career growth. I'm thankful to be working aside and learning from some of the most talented and caring PR professionals in the industry. 

3. What’s one thing you’d like others to know about working here?

Opportunity is everywhere at our agency, whether it’s the opportunity to work on a new business proposal, join planning meetings or work on a pro bono project. There's no "you can't do XYZ because you're too junior" here. 

4. What’s the best thing about CooperKatz?

The people! My colleagues are friends. CK has a great company culture and it all comes from us liking each other! That means that we have each others' backs inside and outside the office. You can also rest assured that no birthday, work anniversary or any milestone event will ever go missed.

5. Any advice for those looking to join the team?

Get ready for a challenging yet rewarding career. Pay attention to detail. Speak up! Choose wisely when filling out your Bachelor bracket.

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