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CK in PRWeek: Anne Green on the Social Media Newsroom

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Social media newsrooms have quickly become an essential aspect of many organizations’ web presences. Whether their goal is to increase the odds of stakeholder discovery, share company news, engage with consumers, establish a strong voice or all of the above, brands have been launching such newsrooms with the encouragement and support of PR teams.

Despite their prevalence, best practices for creating and maintaining social media newsrooms remain unclear. As a result, PRWeek asked the following question to a panel of communications experts in a recent Master Class column: What are the best strategies for brands to build their own social media newsrooms?
CooperKatz President and CEO Anne Green was one of the five experts to share an opinion on the topic. She emphasized the social media newsroom as a mechanism to aggregate fragmented information.
“Fragmentation can be a barrier to those seeking insights about an organization – forcing them to hunt across multiple channels,” she wrote. “A social media newsroom becomes the place to weave the disparate threads back together in a common context, allowing the voice of an organization to reconverge in a multimedia environment.”
In order to attain this coherent voice while avoiding common pitfalls, Green listed a few important guidelines.
“An organization must show genuine ownership and accountability,” she wrote. “Agencies should be close partners. Vendors should share best practices in technologies and platforms. But most important is that in-house, senior communications pros have front-line responsibility for creating, nurturing, and engaging this space.”
You can check out the rest of Green’s response – as well as the other four panelists’ responses – online now or in the July 1, 2013 issue of PRWeek.




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