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From New Kid to Corporate “Kat”

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From New Kid to Corporate “Kat”


I admit – I still feel like the new kid at work. But I can’t say I expected to feel quite different with just a few months of experience in the public relations industry. I am relatively new to the PR world. And I still have a lot to learn.
When I graduated last May, I viewed my public relations degree as an impressive accomplishment, the culmination of four years of hard work paying off. Finally, I reached the finish line!
Now, after a few months in the workplace, I realize that my education isn’t over; it’s really just beginning.  My degree has proven to be my ticket to learn even more.  Here are the three significant lessons I’ve learned since joining the CK team in September.
  1. Every form of communication can be strategic. Strategy can play a role in everything you produce.  Even a quick phone call or one line email can be purposefully worded. Strategy is the foundation of every opportunity you pursue on behalf of your client or the agency. No press release, pitch, byline, tagline, tweet or post should be created arbitrarily if they are intended to pique the interest of the media and public. Each PR tool is creatively and tactically drafted to achieve a specific goal. 
  1. Media relations requires patience and persistence. Even more so, it requires you to hit the phones. After you strategically (remember point No.1!) build your media list, which will require patience in researching and organizing, pick up the phone and call the reporter. Don’t rely on email. Very few people read all the emails they receive in a day, especially reporters who get inundated with press releases. Get them live. You will hear “no” a lot. For someone who spent four years in sales, I still have a hard time not taking rejection personally. But it’s a numbers game. Figure out why the angle didn’t hit the mark that time, learn for the next experience and move on to the next reporter who may find you information relevant and interesting.
  1. It’s important to find the balance between perfectionism and productivity. Professional services firms like ours require a very high standard of client services AND the tenacity to meet them under intense, competing deadlines – which can be a pretty intimidating combination. So face it. You my never devise a flawless phone pitch or draft the perfect press release. You will learn with experience, so be brave enough to make mistakes and grow from them. Most importantly, don’t allow your need to be perfect prevent you from being productive. Be thoughtful and diligent when working on projects understanding that your work will be critiqued (because it certainly will!). Ask for feedback and apply it to your next project.

The first job you get out of college is equally as exciting as it is challenging. It’s your earned opportunity to learn. Take advantage of it and absorb as much knowledge as you can from your colleagues and clients. And don’t worry so much about being the new kid. Before you know it, you won’t quite remember when you made the transition from new kid to corporate “kat.”




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