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The Echo of Silence in Social Media

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The Echo of Silence in Social Media

BIC pens recently released the “BIC for Her” line of pens. Marketed as “Elegant design - just for her!” and “Thin barrel to fit a woman's hand,” these pens have ignited a snarky social media movement. There is a tumblr account devoted to the pens, hundreds of bogus reviews on Amazon and a mock Twitter account @Bicforher (the account was suspended as of this writing).

BIC’s response? Silence.

The hard fact is in the age of social media no one is immune to critical feedback. Product developers will continue to develop pointless products and marketers will continue to push senseless features. That’s business (at least it’s the old way of doing business). But what must change is the response. As soon as BIC caught wind of this mess, it should have responded via social media. Brands take note: no response is a response in our 24/7 information cycle!
So what’s the answer? It’s quite easy:
1. Monitor
2. Respond
3. Be authentic
Social media is a two-way conversation. It’s a unique invitation for brands to communicate to a wide audience and an opportunity to showcase a brand’s voice. When used correctly, it’s magical. When used incorrectly (or not at all!) it’s a nightmare. And remember, the online chatter is permanent; it will affect SEO in the future.
BIC is choosing to bruise its own reputation by embracing the social media cone of silence instead of engaging with its critics. The company needs a new approach to social media, and perhaps a new approach to its marketing efforts overall.


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