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A Tribute to Andy Cooper

March 24, 2017, 4:36pm posted by Ralph Katz  |  0 comments

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A Tribute to Andy Cooper

If you knew Andy Cooper, you know what a force he was in the public relations industry. Andy and I met in graduate school and then became colleagues at Burson Marsteller, where we each, in turn, led the Creative group and where Andy eventually became President of the New York Office.

In 1996, given our long friendship and shared ideals, we decided to follow our entrepreneurial instincts and opened CooperKatz & Company.

In 2013, after a 22-month battle, Andy passed away from brain cancer. On the first anniversary of his passing, I brought the team at CooperKatz together. Always considering Andy one of the best all-around business people I had ever met, I wanted to capture some of his best practices from the people who worked most closely with him. This would be a part of his legacy — a model for doing every aspect of business right!

I call the resulting best practices Andy Rules! because in every aspect of business, he sure did! The rules range from personal practices, like feeding your curiosity, being well-read and approaching everything you do with honesty; to best practices in business, such as setting a higher bar, having a keen eye for what is important and getting to the point.

Each of us contributed that day. No matter what age or level, everyone had something to share about their experience working with Andy. We captured those anecdotes and guidelines in a poster that we hung outside my office as a reminder about how we can each be our best every day, the way Andy certainly was.

This week, on the fourth anniversary of his passing, we are releasing a special book for all of us in business who can benefit from the best practices he exhibited. These 23 Andy Rules! and the stories behind them will serve as a model for business behavior.

No matter what industry you are in, emulating Andy will help you to be a better person and a more effective business professional.


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