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CEO Anne Green Named in PR Week’s Global Power Book for Second Consecutive Year

June 08, 2016, 2:14pm posted by Ralph Katz  |  0 comments

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CEO Anne Green Named in PR Week’s Global Power Book for Second Consecutive Year

This post was written by CooperKatz summer intern, Danny Cooper. 

CooperKatz is proud to report that CEO Anne Green has been named to PR Week’s Global Power Book for the second consecutive year. In being included as one of the brightest and most influential PR professionals around the world, Anne joins an international list of over 300 Public Relations luminaries who have had a major influence on the industry.

According to Green, the single most important factor for a successful communication campaign is “deep, meaningful integration across partners and channels that starts early and drives all the way through.” She went on to state that such an approach is imperative as a “true breaking down of the walls between all stakeholders is essential to creating something more compelling and powerful.”

Anne’s PR Week interview also allowed the longtime theater lover to talk about her passion for the arts. When asked who she would cast in a biopic of her life, Anne turned to one of her favorite musicals. “At this point, I think Lin-Manuel Miranda (author / composer / star of theatrical wonder Hamilton) can do pretty much anything,” she said. “I'd let him figure out my casting.”

The CooperKatz team congratulates Anne on this accolade. 

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