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CK in the News: A Call to Action on Measurement & Advice for New Leaders

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CK in the News: A Call to Action on Measurement & Advice for New Leaders

PR pros must break out of current measurement silos in order to more effectively report ROI. And when it comes to being a new leader in the PR industry, recognizing that you won’t have all the answers and embracing ambiguity are key. These are some of the thoughts and pieces of advice that CooperKatz President & CEO Anne Green shared with PR News and PR Tactics, respectively, in recent weeks.

In a contributed piece in PR News titled “Growing Need to Break Down Silos,” Green wrote a call to action for PR pros on the long-debated issue of measurement. “To communicate ROI in ways that senior leaders will understand, we must translate apples and oranges into insights – and tie insights to outcomes,” she wrote. “This requires organizational change, a common language, a commitment to shared accountability and a comfort level with disparate streams of data. It also requires communicators to take a much more active role in leading the measurement discussion.”

And in the first iteration of a column on leadership in PR Tactics titled “Taking the Lead,” Green shared advice for young, new leaders in the industry. The publication asked what Green wished she knew about leadership before becoming a leader, and Green offered five tips. “It may be counterintuitive, but being authentically vulnerable actually makes you stronger,” she said in one of her tips.

Check out the full-length versions of both the PR News piece and the PR Tactics column online.

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