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CK Insights: National Work & Family Month

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CK Insights: National Work & Family Month

CK Insights is a series on our blog featuring CooperKatz team members’ perspectives on timely topics.

Throughout October, we’ve been celebrating National Work & Family Month on our blog and social channels. To conclude our month of celebration, we asked CooperKatz team members about how they balance work and family life, as well as what they love about CooperKatz’s family-friendly atmosphere. Here’s what they said:

Danielle Arnold – Account Executive:

CooperKatz has a special place in my heart. Moving away from my family and friends in Florida to start my career in New York was a huge change for me. CooperKatz’s family-friendly culture has been very important to me. Everyone is so accepting, loving and supportive, and my coworkers immediately made me feel right at home. And, almost two years later, I’m happy to say CooperKatz is my second family!

Anne Green – President & CEO:

For me, "balance" has always been the wrong word. It implies an ideal state few of us will ever attain for more than a brief moment, at most. I've become more focused on three things. First, being thoughtful and intentional in planning the time I have. Second, being majorly organized in my schedule so I have space to accommodate both the things I need to do, and the things I want to do. And third, accepting that work and life are now fully blended in many ways. Like it or not, there is no clear separation. Letting go of that internal "fight" has allowed me to embrace the way one flows into the other in a much more organic way.

Heather Caufield – Manager, Client Services:

I love when my colleagues’ kids come to the office for a visit. Not only is it entertaining to watch the toddlers run from an area of cubicles to an office and back again, but I also find myself laughing when the visitor is a baby and everyone drops what they’re doing to spend a few minutes “ooo-ing” and “ahh-ing.”

Marcus Hardy – Account Executive:

Too many companies have a perceived cultural or managerial stigma about bringing up family in the context of work. This is non-existent at CooperKatz. While there are appropriate "rules of engagement," with these things, there is never a sense of compartmentalization of work and family life.

Annik Spencer – Account Coordinator:

As a new member of the CooperKatz family, I’ve enjoyed getting to know my colleagues and their families in and outside of work. At the Summer Picnic this past July I had the opportunity to meet the CooperKatz extended family consisting of kids, spouses, fiancés, fiancées and more! We're also super lucky when some of CK's youngest and cutest members stop by the office on a Friday afternoon to say hi. I love that CooperKatz not only allows people to have both active work and home lives, but encourages it! With my closest family members living four hours away in Massachusetts, I feel so grateful that I have a supportive and caring office family here in New York. 

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