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CK Insights: What’s in Store for 2015?

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CK Insights: What’s in Store for 2015?

CK Insights is a series on our blog featuring CooperKatz team members’ perspectives on timely topics.

Last January, we asked CooperKatz team members what they thought might be in store in the worlds of communications and marketing for 2014. As we got excited for another potentially pivotal year in our industry, we decided to do it again. Here’s what some CKers are anticipating for 2015.

Marcus Hardy – Senior Account Executive:

Expect media relations to require us to reject the “flack” moniker and all it has come to stand for.

At the end of 2015, there were dramatic staff cuts and buyouts at venerable publications like USA Today and The New York Times (here’s lookin’ at you, Mr. Elliott).

The increasingly small mediascape, coupled with tremendous changes and pressure that are now a part of most journalists’ professional lives, dictate that PR professionals focus intently on relationships, objective and compelling storytelling, and treating our friends in the media as co-clients and partners – not “targets” or “contacts” in an Excel grid destined for mail merge. If we’re not there already, we really need to be!

Anne Green – President & CEO:

Improving economic conditions should give marketers and communicators more budgetary running room to let loose and make some new investments.  And these investments will undoubtedly include more test initiatives with the wide range of platforms and partners working to bridge the silos of “earned” versus “paid” media. This is part of the ongoing evolution of both content marketing and social strategy. And it offers public relations agencies the opportunity to explore new channels and approaches with our clients.

Ben Murray – Account Executive:

Conducting research can be a great way for a brand to spotlight trends and issues relevant to its industry, while establishing itself as a key player in the space. But if not planned and executed thoughtfully, it can be unproductive and potentially harmful to legitimate data journalism, as the New York Times’ Jacob Harris mentioned on the Nieman Journalism Lab’s website in December. As brands look to conduct more research in 2015, PR pros will be challenged to think of ways to stand out while maintaining the integrity of the practice.

Courtney Newby – Account Coordinator:   

Last October, Snapchat announced it was launching its first sponsored campaign, underlining its commitment to non-targeted ads, which it called “creepy.” Since then, Snapchat has attracted a list of top-hitting advertisers including Amazon, the NBA and GrubHub.  In 2015, the company will continue to focus on media outlets and advertisers who are desperate to grab the attention of young audiences. Translation: Stay tuned (and hold down) for the evolution of brand engagement on Snapchat.    

Dana Schwartz – Account Executive:

PR agencies that act as a real extension of in-house marketing / communications teams will have even more opportunities in 2015. When agencies can connect closely with the in-house team and earn a seat at the table during strategic planning conversations, everyone wins. I think in 2015 we’ll see even more convergence of PR, marketing and social, and a reliance on flexible agencies that can be a true partner in key growth areas.

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