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Grateful for Our CK Grandparents

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Grateful for Our CK Grandparents

We all have challenging days, whether related to work, school or family. My grandfather, Papou George, had a wonderful saying that always brought a smile to my face and instantly changed my negative disposition. He would say enthusiastically and forcefully, “Cheer up, better days are coming!”

This saying and Papou George’s generosity – along with my grandmother, Yia Yia Bessie’s infectious smile, warmth and encouragement – will forever be ingrained in my mind and heart.

Earlier this year, our family lost both of them – each passing within a few months of one another. It is heartbreaking to know that I won’t be able to see my grandmother’s beautiful smile or experience my grandfather’s unmistakable presence this Thanksgiving or Christmas. But I know they will be looking down on the wonderful family they built together.

At CK, we have an amazing combination of intelligence, creativity, collegiality, loyalty and support.  I have to believe that many of the qualities that are integrated into our company culture came at least, in some measure, from our grandparents and the values they instilled in all of us.  So for our month of #CKGratitude, and throught this holiday season, I am grateful to Yia Yia Bessie and Papou George for the love and generosity that they extended to me, and for helping me become the person I am today.



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