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Grateful for Our CK Pets

November 07, 2013, 11:30am posted by Dianne Carilli  |  0 comments

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Grateful for Our CK Pets

In addition to the 8 million people in New York City, there are also approximately 1.1 million cats and dogs living the city life.

Twelve of those dogs and cats are part of the CooperKatz family. One of them is mine.  

I'm grateful to live in a city where a dog park, doggy day care or dog playgroup is always just around the corner. I'm thankful for my 1-year-old puggle who walks with me before and after work and greets me every day when I get home.  She forces me to talk to strangers when she stops to greet their dog, or sniffs inside their grocery bag, or looks up at them to ask for a scratch on the head while we are waiting to cross the street. Having her in my life makes the city feel smaller and more like home. 

For years, CooperKatz worked with to help animals find their forever homes. If you don’t have a pet, the holiday season is a great time to take a look and consider adding a new member to the family.  From pet costume parades to Central Park play dates, I'm thankful to live in a city where there is so much for people and their pets. 



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