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Grateful for Social Media

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Grateful for Social Media

When I think about my daily life, it is easy to rack up things I am grateful for: my family; my friends both near and far, new and old; or my job at CooperKatz that has been a cornerstone of the past eleven years.  But then I realized there is a thread that weaves through each one and keeps me constantly connected to all of them: social media.

Through Facebook, I have the opportunity to keep up with friends, family, and current and former coworkers - some who I see often and some who I haven't seen in years. It lets me showcase what is important to me at any given time (yes, this usually involves my daughter!) and allows me glimpses into their lives that I wouldn't have otherwise.

I am grateful for the daily influx of images I receive and distribute on Instagram, as the pics of those meals / babies / pets / sunsets / selfies consistently make me smile. 

I love that Pinterest has given me an ever-growing list of recipes to try and activities to embark upon with my daughter, and that Twitter brings some of my professional contacts, news sources and favorite celebrities right to me. 

Social media has also changed the way we work at CooperKatz, as our clients are not just people we talk to via conference call, and reporters are no longer just names in a large book (#datingmyself) or database.  Both have become my friends on some of these sites, affording me the opportunity to get to know them in new ways.  And of course, LinkedIn serves as an amazing professional resource and digital Rolodex.

Finally, I am grateful that blogs, YouTube and sites like Tumblr have fostered an environment where creativity explodes - and that the truly thoughtful, poignant or hilarious pieces rise to the top and become part of pop culture. Here are just a few of my recent favorites:

·        Conversations with my Two-Year-Old

·        A New Perspective For Moms (really, anything on Upworthy)

·        Jimmy Fallon, Sesame Street and The Roots sing “Sesame Street”

·        The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s Andy and Amy’s Haunted House

·        55 Things Only ‘90s Teenage Girls Can Understand

·        Dove Real Beauty Sketches (and this parody)

·        BatDad’s Vine compilations



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