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Grateful For Those That Are Close To Us, In More Ways Than One

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Grateful For Those That Are Close To Us, In More Ways Than One

Growing up, I always thought I’d move to Seattle after college. I’d never been there to visit – and still haven’t to this day. Yet having been raised on the Eastern side of the country in a suburban Connecticut town, something about the Emerald City was really attractive to me. Maybe it was related to my strange obsession with Grey’s Anatomy, which takes place in Seattle. Maybe it was about my passion for Starbucks Coffee, which was founded in Seattle. Or maybe it just had to do with an angsty teenage desire to move far away from home.

At present, however, I have been out of college for six months, and I am happily residing in New York City. Thoughts of moving to Seattle – or anywhere far from NYC, for that matter – are the furthest thing from my mind.

New York City is the “urb” to my suburban hometown in Connecticut. It is also the place that I attended college, having just recently graduated from NYU. And now, it is the home to all of my new colleagues and friends at CooperKatz.

I am extremely grateful to have so many of my networks in such close proximity to one another. Being able to physically connect with family, old friends, new friends and colleagues with ease is something I hope to never take for granted. And doing so in a city that hasn’t ceased to excite, inspire, challenge and motivate me after all these years is truly amazing.

CooperKatz also values the ability to form and maintain close relationships with companies that share our beloved home with us. We are so grateful for all of our NYC-based clients, including the Association of National Advertisers, Green Ivy Schools, The Beekman School and Strategic Funding Source – as well as those based throughout our Tri-State area such as Coldwell Banker Real Estate, TD Bank, Polar and DialAmerica




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