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Happy New Year’s from CooperKatz

December 31, 2015, 12:35pm posted by Ralph Katz  |  0 comments

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Happy New Year’s from CooperKatz

We’ve experienced a lot this year at CooperKatz. We’ve been on the cutting edge of cancer science and high-tech / high-touch care with our client Memorial Sloan Kettering; we’ve started to explore the profound implications of transforming payment models and how this will affect the future of healthcare delivery in the U.S. with the Physicians Foundation and Navigant; and with our bank technology client, we’re meeting the challenge of financial services @ the speed of life!

What’s coming up? We’re predicting mass adoption of smart home / smart life with client Coldwell Banker; we’re watching the marketplace as the Do It for Me (DIFM) phenomenon grows; and we’re noting the continually expanding customization of content in the digital arena.

This is all very exciting, but what if Andy Cooper and I had never started CooperKatz almost 20 years ago? Instead of experiencing these exciting developments, what would our smart, enthusiastic professionals be doing with their lives? We’ve given this careful and very graphic consideration through our holiday video spoof of “It’s a Wonderful Life:” 

Please watch and enjoy. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!

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