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How the Puppy Bowl is a Brand Partnership Powerhouse

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How the Puppy Bowl is a Brand Partnership Powerhouse

As media professionals, we all know that the Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year for advertising. Every ad and marketing blog has a list of the best (and worst) ads of the last decade, we all track whether our favorite brands are buying in, who’s making their Super Bowl debut and who’s dropped out of the race. But as we ramp up to Super Bowl 50, there’s one thing we might be even more excited for: Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XII, where Team Ruff and Team Fluff will face off to see which team can out-cute the other en route to victory.

This year’s Puppy Bowl is poised to be a major media event, with brand partnerships ranging from Sheba cat food in the VIP suite at the special pup-sized GEICO Stadium to Uber’s pre-show Puppy Bowl promotion that brought real, live puppies to offices for puppy play time this past Wednesday.

“Every time I watch the Puppy Bowl, memories come flooding back from my early years in PR. CooperKatz worked with for seven years, and it was my very first account,” says Katy Hendricks, Manager, Client Services here at CooperKatz.  “ always sourced the puppies for the Puppy Bowl, so it was a huge media opportunity.  In 2008, the Giants were playing the Patriots so we came up with the idea for a media tour photo shoot… with puppies. It was wild, crazy and so much fun. We had puppies running around the New York Post. The journalists loved it. It resulted in a full two page spread. I had that picture up in my cubicle for years.”

As we found working with, the Puppy Bowl doesn’t just get coverage in terms of the ads and brand partnerships featured in the show – it’s an earned media powerhouse as well. This year, you can check out the lineup of the 2016 Puppy Bowl Puppies over at Vanity Fair, get advice on drafting your fantasy team from Wired, and even click back to the Animal Planet site to create your fantasy team with players from Team Ruff and Team Fluff.

Every puppy featured in the Puppy Bowl comes from one of 44 shelters and rescue groups across the country, and Animal Planet provides a whole selection of pet adoption resources on their website – including Adoption Tails, highlighting heartwarming adoption stories of pups finding their forever homes. From our Home's Best Friend / Home for Dogs Project with Coldwell Banker and, to surprising 10-year-old children with puppies with, we know exactly how important it is to make sure adoptable dogs (of all ages) find a good home.

At CooperKatz, we recognize that for most people (including us!), pets are a part of their family - and everyone loves a good adoption story. Like the Puppy Bowl, partnering with brands to help place pets in their forever homes is more than just a heartwarming story, it can be part of a strategic brand practice as well.

As for who we’re rooting for between Team Ruff and Team Fluff? Katy says it best: “Team Ruff. All puppies are fluffy, so these are the fiercest of the bunch.” 

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