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How to Thrive at Work: Three Tips for Young PR Pros

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How to Thrive at Work: Three Tips for Young PR Pros

Most things in public relations cannot be learned from a college textbook. That’s not to say that studying PR isn’t important, because it is (Thanks UF!). But becoming a skilled PR professional comes from immersing yourself in the knowledge of coworkers and the industry. And as a young professional, this process includes discovering your capabilities and how to become a valuable team member at work.

Looking back on my first year at CooperKatz & Company, I found the following three skill sets truly sparked my growth and are important areas for young, ambitious professionals to embrace in the workplace.

  1. Manage Deadlines and Communicate With Your Teams
    • While teamwork and time management aren’t new to the admired skills list, the importance of thoughtfulness regarding your teams’ schedules and setting deadlines is vital—and can greatly impact your success both internally as well as externally with clients. Be sure to stay connected and communicative with coworkers. Whether your schedule changes or you’re finishing up a task, keep your teams updated; it’s much appreciated.
  2. Be Open and Enthusiastic
    • Being excited and willing to participate in new projects and tasks not only helps your coworkers but also provides an opportunity to develop the breadth of your abilities. CooperKatz is a generalist agency, with clients across so many different industries—so you never know what kind of interesting project may pop up. It’s clear that eagerness and an open mind are valued. Enthusiasm also comes in the form of being an active participant in your workplace. CK looks for people who share their insights, ask questions and actively participate. These characteristics help develop your presence and voice as a PR professional.
  3. Be Curious About Everything
    • It’s crucial that PR specialists are well-read and always follow the news that is important to clients and their industries. Proactively sharing relevant articles among coworkers keeps your teams in the know and helps create new ideas for client work. CK values those who always want to learn more.

Whether in their first, 15th or 50th year, PR professionals can enhance themselves and their work by implementing these three skills into their day-to-day lives. These aren’t the only ways to thrive as a young PR pro. Share your tips in the comments. 

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