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Is Instagram Stories Taking Off? 4 PR Pros Share Their Perspectives

September 07, 2016, 3:00pm posted by Katy Hendricks  |  0 comments

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Is Instagram Stories Taking Off? 4 PR Pros Share Their Perspectives

It’s been three weeks since Instagram debuted Stories, the Snapchat like feature that is exciting some and perplexing others. Four PR representatives from CooperKatz share their observations for how Stories are being used and why it seems to be taking off with the over 25-crowd.

Rebecca Pineiro, Account Executive
“As a frequent user of both Snapchat and Instagram, I feel a bit conflicted about Instagram Stories - the two platforms are nearly identical on the surface! Even though Snapchat is more established as an instant video sharing platform, I think Instagram Stories will come out on top. Brands and influencers have already built massive followings on Instagram over the years and Instagram recently updated its data analytics tools, which make it a more convenient platform to use for brand marketing purposes.”

Meredith Topalanchik, SVP and Director, Client Services
“Personally, I’m liking Instagram Stories. It allows me to share more pictures and videos without annoying my followers. You can be a bit more candid, too – capturing goofy moments or writing funny quips without so much pre-meditation. I think you’ll see Instagram users really tapping into the Stories function for big events, such as vacations or concerts rather than everyday living. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.”

Heather Caufield, Manager, Client Services
“I pride myself in being pretty technologically savvy, yet when I first started using Snapchat I found myself confused and in desperate need of a tutorial from one of my under 25 year old colleagues. While I persevered to learn the interface, many of my fellow older Millennials never really got into Snapchat. With its simple interface, Instagram has about twice as many daily active users as Snapchat. So I’m eager to see if Instagram Stories picks up steam with the over-30-crowd that never jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon. That being said, my 35-year-old (and very intelligent) sister recently emailed me the following: ‘What are these little circles with faces in them at the top of my Instagram feed?  When I click on them little videos or pictures with writing on them appear.  How are these created?’ So we’ll just have to see.”

Katy Hendricks, Manager, Client Services
“I’ve been fascinated watching influencers and brands experiment with Stories. Hats off to those who got right in there and started testing it out. Part of the beauty of Instagram is that you’re fed beautiful and inspiring pictures, but the downfall is that it has become increasingly staged, so it’s refreshing to see “behind the curtain. I think those who let their personality and humor shine through will reap the biggest rewards.”

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