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Keeping Higher Education Affordable

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Keeping Higher Education Affordable

The high price of higher education is something with which many families are struggling – and many institutions are working to balance.  President Russell K. Osgood of CooperKatz client Grinnell College in Iowa shares his perspective on keeping the college experience sustainable in this exclusive article for, secured by CooperKatz.

As families struggle with the rising costs of college, President Osgood reflects on changes that administrators may wish to consider to control costs.  Some of these include rethinking the academic calendar, taking a fresh look at staffing, re-evaluating financial aid and keeping specialized programs and state-of-the-art facilities in check. Osgood argues that as tuition, room and board approaches – and even exceeds  – $50,000 at some schools, it is critical to take a close look at the overall liberal arts experience so that it remains accessible for students of all backgrounds.



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