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Meet Cassie Hart, CK’s Summer Intern

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Meet Cassie Hart, CK’s Summer Intern

College & Graduation Year: LSU, Class of 2014

Major / Minor: Mass communications with a concentration in public relations and a minor in business administration


The best class I’ve taken at LSU so far is public relations writing. We worked with the social media app SCVNGR to create a campaign to promote the Baton Rouge area. The class was interesting, interactive and a great introduction to PR.


One thing I’ve learned about PR from my time at CK is the importance of measuring the success of your work / campaign. Setting goals is essential. While it can be challenging to track coverage and results, it’s valuable to see what works well and identify what could be done better. Along the same lines, I’ve learned that mastering the appropriate digital tools is vital in agency life.


My favorite website is It’s a great place to read top news. I like that readers control what articles are at the top of the feed by voting on the content.


In my experience at CK so far, I’ve learned that the company really encourages creative thinking and works hard to bring clients innovative ideas. CK has an additional creative space called the Thought Bubble, which is dedicated to brainstorming and out of the box thinking. The space even includes a treadmill and a hockey table. I recently learned about one of CK’s most creative campaign ideas: to lower Sir Richard Branson into Times Square on a giant phone to mark the U.S. launch of Virgin Mobile. And it was a success!




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