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Meet Zoë Hoffmann and Ryan Halas, CK’s Spring Interns

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Meet Zoë Hoffmann and Ryan Halas, CK’s Spring Interns

Zoë Hoffmann
Hofstra University, Class of 2015

Major / Minor: Public Relations and Global Studies with a minor in English

The best class I’ve taken so far was the History and Development of Mass Media. Being able to study the history of communication and how the media became such an important part of our lives shows us why companies need public relations. We take for granted how easy it is communicate and learning about that through a historical lens was really interesting.

My favorite website is Twitter. I love being able to see such a wide variety of stories from media all over the world, on one platform. I also think it’s really cool how social media has become such a prominent part of a company’s personality and reputation.

The most interesting thing I’ve learned so far in my time at CK is that creativity is so much more than thinking “outside the box.” During the first brainstorm I attended, the entire team played with pipe cleaners while discussing our ideas for a new client. It helped get us thinking in a new way, and showed me that inspiration can truly come from the most surprising places.


Ryan Halas
The New School, Class of 2015

Major / Minor: Global Studies

The best class I’ve taken so far is Non-Western Approaches to the World. I love non-traditional political analysis. Because the U.S. and Europe were, and to a lesser extent continue to be, dominant world powers, they have defined the narrative in international relations as well as governmental norms of behavior. There are many ways to think about inter-governmental, and inter-cultural relations, and I tremendously enjoy considering alternatives to the “Western” paradigm.

My favorite websites are The New York Times homepage, Twitter, Facebook and The Christian Science Monitor homepage.  

The most interesting thing I’ve learned so far in my time at CK is a ton about sifting through and prioritizing media for relevance to specific topics, and tracking broad coverage trends across the internet. I’ve really enjoyed cultivating that skill set. 


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