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More Than a PR Partner: A Business Partner

April 07, 2015, 5:07am posted by Jenni Lindahl  |  0 comments

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More Than a PR Partner: A Business Partner

This post is part of our celebration of Financial Literacy Month this April.

Let’s be honest. Talking about money and budgets can be difficult. But at CooperKatz we pride ourselves on being strong financial stewards – doing our best work for our clients, while maintaining a financially secure agency and strong work culture.  

There are fantastic reasons to partner with a PR agency that is savvy in financial stewardship. Here are some great examples:

We’ll develop ideas you can actually implement – Our proposed projects, plans and programs are budgeted properly. The agency pulls from a wealth of data to be sure we are providing accurate financial estimates. This means the amazing idea you love is also within your budgetary reach.

Financial stewardship fosters the production of quality work – Tracking our working hours closely helps us understand where time is being spent. Armed with this information, we can help uncover inefficiencies and streamline processes. In turn, you can be confident that every minute that we spend produces quality work.

When we’re smart about our money, we’re smart about yours – Any decisions on when, where and how we utilize our out-of- pocket dollars are not taken lightly. The same consideration is extended to decisions made on behalf of our clients. We are fully aware of the cost of business and spend your money as carefully as we would our own.

Financial stewardship allows us to stick around with you – Creating a financially stable company environment is a cornerstone to the sustainability and growth of any business. CooperKatz is striving to be a thriving agency for many years to come. This allows us the opportunity to forge long and meaningful relationships with our clients.

At CooperKatz, we understand that strong financial stewardship benefits everyone. We are not just our clients’ PR partners. We are their business partners.

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