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PRWeek Features CK’s Work with the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition

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PRWeek Features CK’s Work with the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition

At CooperKatz, we have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of healthcare clients. The healthcare landscape is constantly changing, and at CK we challenge ourselves to study the issues from multiple perspectives. From our work, we are well versed in how healthcare issues today affect providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, non-profits, medical device manufacturers and more.

This week, our work with the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition was featured in PRWeek. CooperKatz worked with the Alliance throughout 2012 and 2013 to launch a campaign focused on raising awareness of the value of nutrition therapy for hospitalized patients.

For the launch of the campaign, we developed content for a brand new website ( including website copy, fact sheets, research, case studies, videos and a hospital nutrition toolkit. The campaign targeted a number of clinician groups (physicians, nurses, dietitians and hospital administrators) and our team developed targeted materials for each group including monthly e-newsletters and social media posts. Our successful media outreach also targeted these groups.


We are proud of our work with the Alliance and all that the group has accomplished. “Forming the Alliance was strategically smart,” PRWeek noted. “Overall, this team built a very solid foundation for driving action in hospitals in the coming years.”

For more about our work with the Alliance, please read the case study on our website.

Read the full PRWeek article in the May 1 print edition or online here

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