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Talking Tips & Tricks

July 08, 2014, 6:07pm posted by Laura Vinci  |  0 comments

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Talking Tips & Tricks

CooperKatz is an agency that fosters collaboration. As a generalist firm, it is important to share experiences from different backgrounds and provide individual perspectives to advance our company as a whole. You never know what might help another team member expand their skills.  

Recently, the junior staff members hosted a Knowledge Sharing Session to swap war stories and share helpful tricks we've learned so far in our careers.

Over lunch, we discussed the ins and outs of our everyday activities, including PR services, sharing Google Chrome extensions and Excel shortcuts. As a team, we troubleshot common problems and suggested various solutions. Each person was able to share insights and take away something new that they did not know before.

The Knowledge Sharing Session is just one part of a larger professional development team at CooperKatz. This team specifically carves out time each week to share the latest industry news and to find conferences for further career development and enrichment.

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