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Thankful for Joining the CooperKatz Team

November 27, 2013, 7:04pm posted by Ralph Katz  |  0 comments

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Thankful for Joining the CooperKatz Team

This post comes from CK's new Manager of Finance and Operations, Dorien Bowers:

Finding the ideal work environment where one is able to contribute both knowledge and experience is somewhere between a dream and a miracle. I’ve worked hard and acquired a lot of experience during my career and have great ideas. I’m so grateful to have found a place to apply it all. 

As we all know too often work is necessity, not a pastime, so it’s especially wonderful to join a company that makes work engaging and enjoyable. Having only joined the agency just this month, I can already tell I have found that dream position. When Ralph Katz, Principal of CooperKatz, personally took time out of his hectic day to call and offer me a position, words could not describe my elation. I knew then I had found the right place. 

The company culture at CooperKatz is one of encouragement and creativity. We appreciate our employees input in every area of the company business. Everyone is part of this team.

This company also gives back to the community. All employees are encouraged to volunteer eight hours a year during company time for various charitable organizations around New York City. Clearly it’s not just about the profit; it’s about the people.

I have been accepted quickly into the fold. I already am feeling as if I’ve worked for the company for years, not just a few weeks. The employees encompass a culture of togetherness and family. That sense of belonging and happily being embraced as a member of the CooperKatz team is what I’m most grateful for.



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