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The 10 Best Instagram Accounts We’re Following Right Now

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The 10 Best Instagram Accounts We’re Following Right Now

For PR pros, Instagram can be a great source of creative imagery and insightful news and information.  

We surveyed our staff to determine the best Instagram accounts we’re following right now. Here’s what we came up with:

  1. @NatGeo: Their stunning photography really gets our creative juices flowing.
  2. @LoveSarahSchneider: Sarah is a blogger with a great eye for color and design, and her posts are creative and uplifting.
  3. @MTV: Their morning news roundup videos are unique, punchy and effective.
  4. @Starbucks: Who knew coffee could be so chic and visually stimulating?
  5. @KateSpadeNY: This brand’s quirky photography both amuses and inspires us.
  6. @CocaCola: How many different ways can you depict a soda bottle? We’re following this creative account to find out.
  7. @USAToday: Few Instagram accounts make news as visually interesting and easily digestible as USA Today’s.
  8. @HuffingtonPost: This publication posts a refreshing mix of inspirational photography and images about the most important news of the day.
  9. @GoPro: With all of their posts being taken via GoPro, it’s an effective marketing tool – not just a source of inspiring imagery.
  10. @Mashable: Their weekly Photo Challenge aggregates stunning images from around the globe.

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What are the best Instagram accounts that you’re following right now? Share with us in the comments.

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