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The AC Perspective

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The AC Perspective

There is no handbook for the transition from college to the “real world.” Entering the workforce and embarking on the 9-5 grind, living on your own for the first time or relocating post-college are all major life-altering changes. As the Account Coordinators (ACs) here at CooperKatz know, it can be a very exciting yet challenging time.

This post is the first in a new blog series aptly named the “AC Perspective,” sharing rookie insights and a snapshot of life at CK and the Public Relations industry from our point of view. There are currently five Account Coordinators at CooperKatz: Jamie Bezozo, Shoshana Hochdorf, Evan Jordan, Jordan Katz and Stephanie King. Today to kick things off, each of us will share one important perspective we have on working as an AC at CooperKatz:

  • Stepping out of college and into our roles as adults, we learn lessons of work and play, rhythm and balance, careers and relationships. These are some of the most transitional moments of our lives and I think all of us couldn’t be more excited to spend them at CooperKatz.        

Jamie Bezozo

  • As account coordinators, we at CooperKatz work to develop our strategic skills when dealing with the media, honing in on ways to reach the specific audiences that our clients need.  Whether it’s a national media day with Jim Gillespie, President and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, or a media play date for Garanimals, as Account Coordinators we have quickly adapted to the new media landscape to get results for our clients.         

Shoshana Hochdorf

  • Working directly with the diverse range of clients at CooperKatz gives us the opportunity to put the skills and knowledge we acquired throughout our years of formal education to work. It’s great to apply these to help clients meet and achieve their goals and objectives.   

Evan Jordan 

  • CooperKatz promotes a team-oriented environment where egos are checked, managers’ doors are always left open, questions are welcomed and the needs of the client are at the forefront of every decision. This kind of environment encourages input, creative ideas from everyone, everyday, benefiting client campaigns and initiatives.  

Jordan Katz

  • Although we learned about the importance of networking in college, it’s easy to forget so early in our careers the importance and implications of building media relationships. Working at CK immerses us in client and media interactions daily, presenting the opportunity to build and establish strong relationships no matter what the client initiative. It’s exciting to return to the same media contact for a different client once you’ve gained his or her trust.        

Stephanie King



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