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The New York Observer ranks CooperKatz on “Power 50” List

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The New York Observer ranks CooperKatz on “Power 50” List

Here at CooperKatz, we love working in PR – and according to a recent story in The New York Observer, “there has never been a better time to practice PR in New York.”

And the landscape is changing, for the better. PR professionals are finding new, creative ways to tell our clients’ stories, including driving content creation, digital and SEO strategies.

According to CK CEO Anne Green, who is quoted in the piece, SEO is no longer considered just for the specialists:  “Google, and to a lesser extent Bing, must be kept top of mind in forming a communications strategy, in terms of the core role of public relations in search-engine optimization.”

In a related piece, CooperKatz was ranked as #39 in the “Power 50” List of PR agencies in New York City, noted for being “especially aggressive about digital and social outreach.”


While the rankings do consider size and revenue, they also take into account something cited in the article that all of us at CK value: “the intangible mojo that an agency generates through its mix of people, clients, access, attitude, status and, of course, results.”



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