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The News TiCKer – January 8, 2016

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The News TiCKer – January 8, 2016

2016 is already starting to be a pivotal year.  Digital advertising is making some big changes with the FTC’s new native ad guidelines as well as the influx of new ad tech throughout the industry, and Twitter is starting to evolve with new anti-troll regulations. Read our News TiCKer blog to find out what else happened in the news this week.


FTC Spells Out Its Guidelines for Native Ads

Rules for native ads are spelled out more explicitly than ever before.

Chipotle, Edelman split amid E. coli crisis

Edelman has been Chipotle's AOR for national PR since 2008.

Why Ad Tech Is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Advertising

Ad blocking is not a threat -- it is a beacon for the industry.


Twitter Beefs Up Its Anti-troll Tolls

The company is making it easier for people to report harassment.

Your call: Is Windex's Facebook post sexist or just a cool workout idea?

Does Windex need to wipe away a Facebook post some users are finding offensive?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Shows Users Why 10,000-Character Tweets Aren't So Crazy

The company is working on a feature that would allow people to send tweets that are 10,000 characters long.


Six Habits of People Who Know How to Bring Out the Best in Others

As a leader, the most important part of your job isn't your results. Your job is to inspire your employees' results. Here's how. 


19 ways to score cheap airfare in 2016

For your trip this year, here are some ways to save money on the flight.

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