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The News TiCKer – October 2, 2015

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The News TiCKer – October 2, 2015

Where can you read about Steve Jobs, the impact of Generation Z and the best way to get ready in the morning? Only The News TiCKer from the CooperKatz team, of course! Here is a roundup of the stories we found most interesting this week:


Move Over Millennials, Here Comes Generation Z
Hear the word "millennial," and plenty of images spring to mind. But what about "Generation Z," the generation born after millennials?

Andy Cunningham on the Real Steve Jobs: Honoring the Memory of a Legend
With Aaron Sorkin's 'Steve Jobs' scheduled to hit theaters next month, Andy Cunningham looks back on her work with the legend.


Taking Digital into the Boardroom: Reflections on the Importance of Strategy
To help a client, Finn Partners developed a small SEO program. 

Your Facebook Profile is About to Get Gif-Like Photos
Facebook revealed a slew of new features and controls for your profile – including the ability to use a looping video as your photo.


4 Quick Things Successful People Do Before They Even Get out of Bed
What you do in the waking moments of your morning can have an impact on your entire day.

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