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The News TiCKer – October 9, 2015

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The News TiCKer – October 9, 2015

From all day breakfast at McDonald’s to a new Twitter CEO, here is a roundup of the stories we found most interesting this week:


Missing Peeple: Traces of Controversial 'Yelp for People' App Disappear

Some traces of Peeple, an as-yet-unreleased app that claimed it would let users rate human beings, have disappeared from the Internet after intense backlash.

"You Are Truly Impossible to Deal With" and Other Highlights from Philippe Reines' Email Exchanges with Reporters

Besides revealing that Reines lied about using his Gmail account in the course of work for the state department, the cache of correspondence offers a rare insight into the otherwise hidden machinery of Washington's notoriously self-involved press corps.


How McDonald's is using social media to build all-day breakfast buzz

The fast-food chain is getting no shortage of traditional media coverage, as well.

Social Media Takes Television Back in Time

Television used to be a supremely solitary experience for its creators and viewers -- but that's beginning to change.

Twitter officially appoints Jack Dorsey as its chief exec

Twitter's interim CEO Jack Dorsey is interim no more.


How the Most Successful People Keep Track of their Best Ideas

Five leaders share how they record, organize and manage their ideas.

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