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(In)civility and Our Media Moment

September 29, 2009, 8:28pm posted by Anne Green

I was reflecting again this weekend on an interview segment with President Obama that aired on “60 Minutes” two weeks ago. Close in the wake of the “You lie!” incident, interviewer Steve Kroft noted the shrill level of discourse that has surrounded the debate over healthcare reform. Kroft wanted to know President Obama’s take on this now infamous moment of Congressional heckling – which came to represent the epitome of our national failure to have a sincere, thoughtful dialogue about a high-stakes issue for all Americans.

I was particularly struck by one of Obama’s responses to Kroft, which is why the interview remains top of mind. He said: “How do we make civility interesting?” He cited the “24-hour cable news environment” and noted that the shrillest voices are now the ones most likely to be heard. You don’t have to work in PR or be a student of the media landscape to feel the truth in that observation.

Fortune Mag on Zipcar: “The Best New Idea in Business”

September 01, 2009, 3:16am posted by

CooperKatz client Zipcar is on the cover of Fortune magazine! The September issue hit newsstands today with the headline “The Best New Idea in Business.

The 7-page story by reporter Paul Keegan covers Chairman and CEO Scott Griffith’s vision for Zipcar, the company’s growth, the broadening appeal of car sharing, the Zipcar iPhone app, the company’s FastFleet program for municipalities, how rental car companies are entering the market, and how auto makers like Ford are taking an interest in car sharing. Accompanying the online version of the story is a video where Griffith speaks with Keegan about the Zipcar technology that makes car sharing possible, and the company’s plan to grow its membership base. In many ways, the story is another sign that car sharing has gone mainstream. As consumers increasingly look to save money, spend smarter and live a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle, Zipcar continues to gain momentum with urbanites across North America and London, England who choose to use a car by the hour rather than own.

This morning, Fortune Managing Editor Andy Serwer appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to talk about the article and Zipcar’s growth.  

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