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The Real Problem with Uber’s New Logos

February 08, 2016, 12:00pm posted by Anne Green

CooperKatz CEO, Anne Green spent nearly 25 years in marketing and public relations. She understands the many (many!) factors involved in the process of rebranding. She appreciates the delicate mix of art and science required. Our firm, CooperKatz, was even agency of record for highly-respected branding firm, Siegel+Gale, for nearly three years.

Anne gets the fact that criticizing a rebrand – and especially a logo redesign – is akin to throwing rocks in glass houses. But for the sake of Uber, she's going to do it anyway.

Financial Advice I’m Glad I Got

April 22, 2015, 5:01am posted by Anne Green

In the spirit of celebrating Financial Literacy Month at CooperKatz (#CKFinLit), I began reflecting on the financial advice that’s made a difference in my life.

I know, I know…how boring, right? What can I add to the millions of words already dedicated to this topic?

Yet, the feeling “I wish I’d know this earlier” (or, “I wish I’d listened...”) is very real when it comes to finances. That’s because all the talking heads or HuffPo articles in the world won’t change a simple fact: people don’t generally like to talk about money, at least not in ways that matter. 

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