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Shining a Light on Maternal Mental Illness

June 23, 2016, 2:58pm posted by

One in every seven women is diagnosed with a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder. CooperKatz recently worked with Postpartum Progress to help promote the fourth annual Climb Out of the Darkness® event and help shine a light on maternal mental illness.

“Why is Coldwell Banker at CES?”: Building a Smart Thought Leadership Platform

January 20, 2016, 8:07am posted by Meredith Topalanchik

“Thought leadership” is an often over-used buzzword in PR and communications. However, it is a critical piece when developing an authentically compelling and differentiated point of view for a client. SVP of Client Services, Meredith Topalanchik, discusses this type of strategy in further detail surrounding CK client Coldwell Banker and their presence at CES 2016. 

A Heart Full of Gratitude

November 27, 2013, 7:47pm posted by Ralph Katz

This December 10th marks a significant milestone of gratitude for me. Ten years ago I had open heart surgery to repair my mitral valve, expressed in a murmur that was identified the moment I was born and that had worsened over the years. Being totally healthy for these past ten years has given me the energy to heartily embrace many of life's joys, including graduations, weddings, the birth of all five of our grandchildren, the blossoming of new relationships and countless gatherings of family and friends.

Grateful For Those That Are Close To Us, In More Ways Than One

November 14, 2013, 1:40pm posted by

Growing up, I always thought I’d move to Seattle after college. I’d never been there to visit – and still haven’t to this day. Yet something about the Emerald City was really attractive to me.

At present, however, I am happily residing in New York City. Thoughts of moving to Seattle are the furthest thing from my mind. NYC is the “urb” to my suburban hometown in Connecticut. It is also the place that I attended college. And now, it is the home to all of my new colleagues and friends at CooperKatz. 

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