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How to Thrive at Work: Three Tips for Young PR Pros

March 26, 2014, 3:47pm posted by

Most things in public relations cannot be learned from a college textbook. That’s not to say that studying PR isn’t important, because it is (Thanks UF!). But becoming a skilled PR professional comes from immersing yourself in the knowledge of coworkers and the industry. And as a young professional, this process includes discovering your capabilities and how to become a valuable team member at work.


Looking back on my first year at CooperKatz & Company, I found the following three skill sets truly sparked my growth and are important areas for young, ambitious professionals to embrace in the workplace. 

CK in PR News: Why PR Owns Social Media

August 30, 2013, 4:30pm posted by

Many companies turn to agencies to conceive and drive social media strategy and execution. While PR practitioners were among the first to take a lead in social media management, today marketing, advertising and digital firms are all big players in the social realm. Each group brings its own expertise and insights to the space.  However, there remains a consistent question in the marketplace about which discipline should be designated as the “go-to” social media partner.

CooperKatz President and CEO, Anne Green, offers her perspective in the August 26th issue of PR News on why PR should take the “pole position” on an organization’s social media team.

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