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Exploring the Communications Decisions Following Recent Data Breaches

May 22, 2014, 10:29pm posted by

Few topics have dominated the news cycle over the past year as much as data security. From the Heartbleed debacle to the infamous Target breach, we as consumers have been fascinated – and horrified – by how un-private our private information and data truly appear to be. But if there’s a single most captivating aspect of these data security scandals, it might just be watching the companies responsible for them struggle to publicly react.

David Fuscus, CEO of Xenophon Strategies, Inc., one of CooperKatz’s partners in the Public Relations Global Network, recently wrote a blog post titled “Fixing Data Breach PR.” In the post, he examines how companies involved with recent data breaches have flubbed their resulting communications strategies, and offers insight into the considerations these companies likely had to make.

An Unconventional Career Path to PR, with a Public Affairs Twist

June 26, 2013, 8:00pm posted by

A young PR professional describes how his passion for media and politics led to a career in public affairs work, and how CooperKatz & Company approaches this area of communications. Given the pervasive uncertainty and ongoing challenges within the regulatory environment, businesses and organizations must proactively address complex issues that will likely affect their reputations and overall success. 

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