Media Communications Training

Expert training for any media / communications experience – tailored for your exact business need.

 Your company’s top executive is preparing for a major media interview, and needs help anticipating every tough question a reporter might ask.

 You’re a senior marketing manager scheduled to appear on a co-hosted infomercial, and you need to nail your messages and become comfortable in an entirely new format.

 You’re a seasoned professional tapped to speak in front of an important audience, and you want to hone your delivery.

Your sales team needs help and training to internalize your company’s new positioning, so they can speak more powerfully and effectively to customers and prospects.

No matter which of the above scenarios – or scores of others – apply to you, one thing is certain.  You’re in the market for experienced media / communications counselors who can provide training to help you effectively and skillfully deliver your messages to your intended audiences.

Any Internet search will turn up lists of media trainers who cite experience coaching executives for interviews.  However, few possess the broad business and big-picture view of an established, award-winning generalist PR agency – paired with the ability to precisely tailor each training session to the distinct nuances of your business needs and landscape. 

Led by senior CooperKatz executives, our media training team approaches engagements with a different mindset.  Decades of experience coaching C-level executives, marketing / sales professionals, attorneys, doctors, educators, scientists, entertainers and others has taught us that effective communications and presentation training requires a highly customized and client-centric approach. 

Refining the right message for your intended audiences.

In media training presentations and simulated interview / speaking scenarios, we equip trainees with the skills needed to:

  • Develop strong messages that convey the benefits of their organization to key audiences
  • Understand how reporters work in preparing and reporting the news
  • Effectively convey messages in the context of a print, online, broadcast or simulated remote satellite broadcast interviews
  • Skillfully address challenges, difficult questions or controversial issues 

How we work.

CooperKatz media / communications trainers typically operate as a two-person team.  Ideally, an introductory orientation session provides a deeper understanding of working with the media or interacting with an audience – and delivers actionable techniques and training to help transform your impact and effectiveness.  This session can be conducted with either individuals or small groups, and is typically followed by personal role play scenarios.  (These can be conducted privately or in team settings, and depending on your needs, longer individual sessions can be scheduled).  These simulated interviews or speaking scenarios are taped, played back and refined via thoughtful critique.  Each trainee receives a disc copy of the role playing exercise and a hard copy of the tips shared in the presentation.

In preparing for the highly customized sessions, CK trainers immerse ourselves in your industry’s specific issues and pinpoint the kinds of tough questions or scenarios that you will likely face.  

In-person sessions can be conducted at your offices or in CooperKatz’s NYC training environment – our Thought Bubble studio.  The Thought Bubble is a separate space that simulates both a television studio and green room environment, and offers a comfortable environment expressly designed for training sessions.

Our budget structure for media training.

CooperKatz typically books its sessions by the full- or half-day, with fees for a shorter session starting at $5,000. (Video services extra).  But given that each session is closely tailored to the needs of each client, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs – and associated budget parameters.

For more information on CooperKatz media training, please email us at