I’m always thinking about PR and new ideas for promoting my clients – even when I’m trying to sleep! Although people tease that I can talk about work too much, I believe some of the best strategic thinking comes when you’re officially ‘off-the-clock.'

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As a Manager, Client Services, Katy Hendricks has worked with CooperKatz for nearly a decade on award-winning campaigns in the home, health, real estate, education and technology sectors.

Inspired daily by the ability to drive change for her clients, Katy holds a firm belief that integration spurs innovation, challenging herself and her teams to bring fresh thinking to every project. For Abbott Nutrition, it meant spearheading a multi-disciplinary alliance of healthcare professionals to tackle hospital malnutrition. For Coldwell Banker Real Estate, it means a partnership strategy to bring smart home technology to the real estate industry.

Just a few current and past clients include Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Abbott Nutrition, CityMD,, ShopVogue.TV, the National Fire Protection Association, Northern Arizona University and Johnson & Wales.

Katy recently relocated from the CooperKatz headquarters in New York City to Tampa, where she is expanding the agency’s footprint in Florida.

Katy holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from the University of Florida.